Get ready…. (now with pictures!)

December 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Guess what’s going to press in approximately 52 minutes?  That’s right, despite the Cat Piss Incident, the Thievery, and The Loss of Some Of Our Pens, Arthur Issue 2 is almost done!  Featuring Matt on Monty Python, Wisti on Art n Science n Things, Elena on Ramen, the Top 17 Literary Douche Bags, the triumphant return of Book Sex, Wisti and Virginia Make A Historically Inaccurate Beatles Comic, Jon James Poems (now with 40% fewer penises), and some other things!  Plus our cover is really freakin’ cool.

Available in all fine hallways and coffee shops and other places we feel like leaving them.  Probably Espresso Royale and the RCAH office again.

UPDATE:  Here are some pictures from our fine night of printing.

Marguerite, Wisti, Matt and Virginia took over the printing center for a few hours.  Wisti brought cookies.  We didn’t get kicked out for sticking around past closing time.  Hurrah!

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