Call for Submissions

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Arthur is now collecting submissions for its first issue for fall semester!


  • Articles must relate in some way to issues in contemporary art, literature, music, or film. We encourage nonfiction articles, but those that are accessible in language and style. We’re not looking for something you’d turn into class, but something serious enough to make a valid and interesting point about a book, movie, painting, sculpture, concert, etc.
  • Creative pieces are discouraged, but  if you send us something truly extraordinary that relates to the themes of the magazine we’ll be happy to accept it. We give affirmative action to poetry (as it does not get enough love in the literary world these days), as long as it’s less than one page.
  • Art is also accepted, especially comics! Yet again, they must relate in some way to art, literature, film, music, etc. Photography is appreciated, but may be difficult to publish in black and white, so may only be posted on our wordpress.
  • Be original. Be creative. Be critical. Arthur appreciates dissident voices.

E-mail submissions to! We look forward to hearing from you.

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