Issue 5 is printed! Also, you should really go to this art show.

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First and foremost: Arthur, Issue 5 is printed!  Censorship, classical music scandals, the Top 10 Literary Characters you Wouldn’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley, overrated directors, subversive book plots, and more!  You can pick up your copy at Espresso Royale, Wanderer’s Teahouse, and the RCAH office in Snyder-Phillips; we’ll also be leaving them wherever we feel like, so keep your eyes open.

Also, just a reminder that we’ll be handing out copes at the (SCENE) Metrospace Black and White Show tomorrow, so please stop by!   The gallery is at 110 Charles Street, next to Georgio’s pizza and across from the Habitrail parking thing.  The opening runs from 6-9 and is bound to be sweet.


Sexy Chess

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We here at Arthur love sex so much we write book lists about it.  And being as we appreciate art too (you know, being an art zine and all), we wanted to point all our readers over to this little article about a chess set made of vibrators.  (Or vibrators being made into a chess set?  We stopped paying attention at a certain point.)

Perfect Timing

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The New New Yorker

by Courtney Hilden

Apparently, this is my late week, because here I was, doing this all over again.  I had timed my morning out perfectly and I was headed to the subway right on time.  Everything was going fine until I tried to swipe my subway card.  And it wouldn’t go.

I bought the card last week.  My internship is paying for my transportation (as long as I bring in a receipt) and the card is for a month.  I wandered over to the information desk, which I was already wary about doing.  I had talked to this same guy ten days ago, and he had been completely unhelpful.  I found out later he hadn’t told me where an entrance to something was, which, considering it was across the street, he should have probably known about.

Two questions later and I gave up on him too, trying not to think about the kinds of people who usually have a job like this.  I tried to buy myself a one time pass.  When I had bought my card last week, I helpless tried five times on one machine while four girls struggled with the other one.  And today, neither was working for me.

The only chance was that this was the wrong subway card and that the right one, or at least one that would let me in, was back at my place.  (All the cards look the same, so good luck figuring out which one is which.)  The only thing now was to go back home and look for it.

So much for perfectly timing this out.

Would You Be Mine?

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The New New Yorker

by Courtney Hilden

I hadn’t meant to be late.  But I didn’t sleep well the night before, and then I didn’t get up as early as I wanted.  And then, yes, I forgot which street it was on.  And the thing about churches in New York is that you don’t really see them until you’re on top of them.  I was only eight minutes late, but I feel bad about walking in late.  It would be just my luck to run right into a priceless candle holder and knock it over, interrupting the first reading with a giant, hollow boom. 

So I wandered the neighborhood instead.  I like this neighborhood, I like that so many of the buildings are older.  Some look like they’ve been well-cared for, but even the ones that aren’t look beautiful to me, like they’re gently falling apart, like they’ll be gone in a decade.  I’ve been advised not to look up, because it makes me look like a tourist, but I find it’s one of the few ways to really appreciate these buildings. 

I began singing in my mind “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…” thinking about how I would like to live in one of these buildings, thinking about how nice the local school looks (decorated for Halloween with a large raven poster), thinking I could easily make this home, could easily wake up here one day a true New Yorker and not a tourist who looks up.  “Would you be mine?” I wonder.  “Would you be mine?”

The Underside of the Tongue

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We here at Arthur like to celebrate strange things about art.  That’s why we write our strange lists about book sex.  But we rarely get to see slideshows asking if an obscure European sculptor was crazy.  Especially when he puts work like that out.

Issue 5 Poll

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Wagner, desperately trying to rock a neckbeard and failing.

Holst, bespectacled and slightly confused.

Birdman at an art show!

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Guys.  Hey guys.  You should check out the Black and White show at (SCENE) Metrospace.  There’s going to be a giant birdman there, giving you the thumbs-up and generally being cool.

Also, we’re hoping to have copies of Issue 5 at the opening reception, so why not stop by and pick one up?

The opening is from 6-9 pm on Friday, October 29, for free!  The exhibition will be up until December 12.

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