Am(Ann)da Abroad

October 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

As several of our contributors are also creative nonfiction writers, we love the blog format for encouraging people to write about their lives.  Which is why we are tickled to discover Am(Ann)da Abroad, a blog about a young woman working as an au pair in Rome and learning Italian along the way.

It’s hard not to admire our narrator for picking up, going some place totally different, dealing with daily child care, and learning a new language along the way.  The blog portrays her day-to-day thoughts, but it’s clear that she’s under a lot of stress.  She gets yelled at a lot by her employers over things like eggs and showers.

The narrator’s also rather wise and taking everything in stride, also admirable.  She has the wisdom to not take criticism too seriously and even explains at one point that “Opinions are not transferable truths.”  Truth, Am(Ann)da.

But the star of the story is almost certainly Nonna.  She is some ways the trope of an old Italian woman, like when she  feeds birds stale bread.  But other times she is totally surprising, like having Chuck Norris as a superhero or asking the narrator if she peed in the shower.

Keep checking this blog out, as hopefully she’ll be telling us more about this mysterious Derek, what it’s like being a regular at a cafe named after a 19th century artist, and playing the ukulele.

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