Taking Notes on Camp

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

We like homework, of a certain kind.  If it makes us think about our favorite art in a new way, we love it.  If it is totally off the mark, we love to hate it.  And if it questions ideas about gender and sexuality, we are all over it.  For our homework this break, we are working on Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp.  The essay is about Camp (yes, with a capital ‘C’) as an aesthetic.

The best news about this essay: it might make watching Twilight an academic experience.


Christmas Comics

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We admit it: we read Hark a Vagrant, like every other humanities nerd.  And yeah, one of our contributors even got to meet Kate Beaton for a whole thirty seconds (we’re never forgiving her.)  But it’s also the holidays, and as college kids, we know how strange it is to go back home, how the parents bug us, how we find ourselves oddly sad, how we actually are ready to leave when the time comes.  So in honor of that, we present Kate Beaton’s Christmas comics from last year, featuring all those moments going home.  We can definitely relate.

Female Comics in the Year 2010

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We like listsWe like comicsWe like feminism.  We like this awesome list of great women comic artists for 2010.  We’re always on the hunt for some cool new comics, and we are thrilled that now there are some new female comic artists out there for us to enjoy.

Bollywood and the Caste System

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We like to watch foreign films, and yes, even the kind with musical numbers that should embarrass us.  So today we’re reading about Bollywood and the caste system.  “Untouchable” is considered such a bad word in India that is like the n-word here in the U.S., so finding a respectful language to talk about castes has been difficult.  Bollywood, like a lot of other international films and tv shows, is a progressive force in India, and will hopefully turn otherwise bigoted people towards understanding.  And most interestingly of all, what few Bollywood films do discuss castes use Shakespeare to do it, often using Romeo and Juliet or Othello as their source of inspiration.

Georgia Prison Protest

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

For those of you who haven’t heard, Georgia Prisons are currently undergoing the largest prison protest in U.S. history.

Before you go arguing that prisoners do not deserve anything, please remember their living conditions both inside and outside the prisons. Right now, they have few educational opportunities, and can only get a GED or become Baptist ministers. They are not allowed special prayer groups. The system makes money off the prisoners, in the case of Tel-Link, which charges families fifty-five dollars per month to make a weekly fifteen minute phone call.

After serving as mostly unpaid labor, if they are released, they are given only twenty-five dollars and a bus ticket. Prisoners are legally excluded from Pell Grants and other educational opportunities once they leave the system. Georgia has the largest prisoner-to-inmate ratio in the nation, with one in thirteen citizens somehow in the prison industrial complex. Forty percent of those in the Georgia prison system are there for non-violent offenses, often the victims of our lack of social services. Sixty three percent of Georgian inmates are African American. Despite this, the protest has included members of all races and cooperation between different religious organizations within the system.

Most importantly, the prisoners of this protest have worked hard to use nonviolent tactics during their protest. They have chosen to screen their cells off using blankets. Please support these prisoners in their time of need, calling the Georgia Prisons to voice your concerns.

Video Games

December 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

We Arthurites are both art nerds and feminists, and yes, we like a good video game.  But sometimes we think about what it means to be female (a lot of us are) and play video games where women are depicting in ridiculous ways.  So hats off to Alenah Tierney for voicing our thoughts exactly.

Put a Lou Dobbs Song in your Status Day III

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

We at Arthur have a pretty strange sense of humor, and nothing illustrates that better than Put a Lou Dobbs Song in Your Status Day, which is, coincidentally, today!  If you need a bit of stress relief from finals, or just want to know why we keep putting Lou Dobbs on our covers, here is our answer.  Check out the origin story on the Facebook page, or after the jump.

Now, all together:  “Just a small town girl, living in a Lou Dobbs worllllllddddddddd….”

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