Tech Problems

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

The New New Yorker

Courtney Hilden

It is that time of the year when technology goes badly for me.  And indeed, there I was, standing in a Best Buy on the Lower East Side, dealing with a tech problem.  And even though I take pride in solving certain problems without even informing my parents there is a problem, sometimes I am just too tired to deal with something anymore.  Which is when I call my Mom.

So there I was, standing in a Best Buy in the Lower East Side, on the phone with my Mom, dealing with a tech problem.  This was one of those fun problems that involved buying an external hard drive.  Which I was happy to do, but I did not know which one to buy, so I asked my Mom what she suggested, being the family tech guru.  She was suggesting one when another tech problem hit me: my phone died.  My phone is glorious for all the abuse I’ve put it under.  Even after three massive falls and a water incident, it still basically works, even though the one button is sticky and now makes a few strange noises, like it is running through a printer.  But now the one person I need to make it easy for me was gone, despite her suggestion.

I pick up the box for the product she suggested.  I turn it over in my hand, thinking about it.  I ask a worker what the return policy is.  30 days, even if it has been opened?  Okay.

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