52 Cups of Coffee

January 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

We at Arthur aren’t really into the whole sports thing, but, yes, if you must know, we’re Spartans.  Although we tend not to go to games or even our other school tradition, set fire to couches, we like to show school spirit other ways.  One of these ways includes supporting fellow Spartans in their writing projects.  So we’d like to salute Megan Gebhart of 52 Cups of Coffee, who is blogging the interviews she’s having over coffee.


A Morning at the Frick

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The New New Yorker

by Courtney Hilden

One of the hardest things about being in New York is the constant reminder of how expensive everything is.  In some ways, it’s a good thing, because you find yourself using things carefully and considering what is most important.  But it also makes you one of those people who is always looking for something cheap or free.

Here I was at the Frick Collection, their one morning every week where they allow you to pay what you want to enter.  The Frick Collection itself is one of those many rich-man-with-too-much-money things, like Hearst Castle or many of the characters in Running Wilde.  Frick collected the majority of his art in the collection, and then set it up so that his home could house the art, and thus a temple of his great achievement in what is apparently being an eccentric art fiend.  It’s a dazzling and wonderful collection, sure, but it does remind you that you are not as lucky as Mr. Frick; you do not have a house next to Central Park, filled with El Greco’s, Goya’s and Monet’s; the most famous image of Thomas Moore does not sit in your living room, next to the fireplace.  You are at such a disadvantage that you are the young woman or man who was too cheap to pay the normal museum entrance fee (an outrageous sum, really, for a relatively small museum) and had to miss church to come on a Sunday to see the collection.

A Tribe Called Quest’s “Stressed Out”

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Erin, our founder, is fond of quoting N.W.A., so, yeah, we like rap and hip hop, the more political the better.  (Parties here at Arthur sometimes result in debating hip hop, with Courtney once asserting that swearing in hip hop was necessary, because how angry could you be about your oppression if you didn’t occassionally swear?)  So here’s a great song about dealing with the oppression that comes with being a minority race and poor.

Books on Brothels

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We are bibliophiles, obviously, and we have clearly thought about smashing books and sex together before, but here’s The New York Times with an article on guidebooks to the brothels of the city.  Guidebooks, like the Zagat’s Guide or Rick Steves’, rating the best brothels of the city.  Wow.  And we thought our idea to rate fraternities and sororities this way was creepy.

Inkwell, Sickle and Smokestack

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Newsflash, gentle readers: we like comics.  That’s why we sometimes have them in issues.  One of our writers and artists, Virginia, teamed up with one of our writers and poets, Jon, and they created a short series called Inkwell, Sickle and Smokestack.  Recently, the comic came to a finale.  We’re loving it.  You will too.

Interview with Real Injun Director

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As we’re always looking to up our pretension, we watch documentaries.  And we talk about them.  We make those fools in Portlandia look like illiterate and uncultured.  (Though, um, yeah, we love those fools in Portlandia.  Don’t tell anyone.)  We are recommending this interview with Neil Diamond, director of Real Injun.  There is some fascinating information contained in the interview.  Apparently Marlon Brandon had a film on Native Americans that he could not get funding, which leads us to the question: what happened to that film?

Maud Newton on Emotions and Writing

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We here at Arthur wish we were as cool as Maud Newton.  We’re totally jealous that she has a great blog and gets free books in the mail.  And we’re loving her latest mini-essay about writing and the personal journey that comes with it.  There’s some great quotes in the piece, but our favorite is this: “in the writing of it, you learn to master both yourself and the book in a way you never have to again.”

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