Peter Bjorn and John’s “Second Chance”

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Peter Bjorn and John are famous for their hit several years ago, “Young People.” Here, they take it to another level (eleven!) and combine Spoon’s sense of rhythm and The Beach Boys’s sense of melody. The mix is irresistible.


Blondie’s “In the Sun”

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Need we say more?

On Issac Asimov

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Erin is one of those people who actually likes What a Wonderful Life. She’ll go on and on about that movie at you if you let her (or, hell, sometimes even if you don’t.) Her carrying on is sort of like this author talking about Asimov, only Asimov is cool.

Great Expectations

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We have mixed feelings on transferring great works of literature to a different time/place/theme. For example, Jane’s Austen Emma set in a mid-90’s upper class high school? Gold. Reworking Wurthering Heights as an even more melodramatic, angsty story, plus adding vampires? Not so much. So we’re a little wary about the news that Great Expectations is being redone, this time in imperial Calcutta. It’s not that we’re disinterested (we’re curious), but we just feel like people have great expectations about the novel, and tranferring it could be disasterous.

(Seriously, did you think we weren’t going to go there? We’re lit nerds; 19th century novel jokes are what we do best.)

MSU Comics Class Documentary

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We apparently can’t stop harping on about how amazing Ryan Claytor‘s Comics and Visual Narrative class is. But if you need further convincing, MSU Today has a short documentary about the class and last semester’s signing event. Watch closely for cameos by Arthur itself! Virginia apologizes for every single time she appears in this video.

Movie Soundtracks

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Virginia loves Daft Punk, and mostly saw Tron: Legacy for the music.  We can’t blame her, as our favorite thing about Garden State is the music.  The musician wannabes who love the movie?  Not so much.  But we’re going to have to work harder for

What We’re Doing Saturday Night

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

We make no secret about how we like rock and roll.  And as Spartans, we love MSU bands.  So we’re telling you all to make sure you go see The Hard Lessons play the Bling Pig (because, seriously, you weren’t cool enough to catch them at Mac’s Bar?).

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