Brooklyn Botanical Garden Parties

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The New New Yorker

by Courtney Hilden

I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  What I expected to see where plants and flowers and be a generally nerdy scientist girl that I secretly was in a past life.  And I did get to see those things, but the garden was far bigger than I anticipated, and I found myself merrily exploring the area.

And then I came across a performance area, one that was built in the style of those ancient Greek amphitheatres.  I found myself thinking about another past life, where I was a theatre nerd, and I reviewed in my mind the history of theatre, when one actor broke away from the chorus, giving us the inspiration for the term thespian.

Reviewing one’s past lives is always tricky, as you begin to hop from one to the next in quick succession.  I thought about my time as an undergraduate, when I worked for the Center for Poetry.  I loved it there, and one of the things we did most was hold readings.  They were always inside, but I always wished we could have them outside.  Looking at this theatre now, I wished I could somehow make readings at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens happen, because poets have always been keen on plants.  I suspect there would be something magical about listening to a poet read their work just as the sun was rising or falling.  I began to mourn that I did not have more time here in New York to put a plan like this to work.

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