Socializing at Comic Book Conventions

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Have we mentioned that we like comics before? Anyway, like every other nerd worth their weight in cosplay costumes, we love Kate Beaton, comic artist and history nerd. We love it when she breaks out a good reference to Oscar Wilde or Henry II, but we also love when she makes comics based on her own life. Case in point: her recent conversation with Brad Anderson, who works on Marmaduke.  We would be freaking out too.



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We here at Arthur love feminist movies, and we’re loving Vision: The Life of Hildegard of Bingen, which dramatizes the life of the title mystic and polymath.  It’s great when filmmakers tell stories that are marginalized by society.

Jack Detroit

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One of our fellow Michigan State grads, Leah Moss, has recently launches a new magazine, called Jack Detroit.  As people who have our own publication, we admire the work that goes into creating something entirely new.  We hope that you check out the first issue.  In the meantime, the photos from the premier event look lovely.

Garrison Keller Does Detroit

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We know it’s such a stereotype of granola-loving hippies, but really, we love a good Prairie Home Companion skit.  Here, the team does a piece on being in Detroit (the hometown for a few of us) while in Detroit.  Nice.

Issue 8 (The Mostly Sex Issue) is printed!

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We had some shenanigans getting a hold of our printing money this time, but now, at long last, Issue 8 is available for your reading pleasure!  The top 10 literary characters who really need to get some!  Balzac vs. Kant!  Poems about sex, or the problems with sex, and Doug Delind’s snake (not all at once).  All about pr0n!  The horror of The Gay!  The horror of the Internet!  The horror of anachronistic hipsters!  And, at long last, what books the Arthur staff thinks are better than sex.

Now available at Espresso Royale and Wanderer’s Teahouse, and coming to more locations soon.  Pick up your copy today!  It’s the perfect thing to distract you from studying for that last final.
Also of note:  Many of our founding members (Marguerite, Erin, Virginia,  Courtney, Jon James, and Matt) have already graduated, or are graduating in the next few days, and are moving on to the Real World and/or graduate school.  So Arthur will be undergoing a changing of the guard, and our newest members (Shan, Bridget, and Brandy) will be running the whole show now.  Good luck, guys!  It will be awesome!  And, as always, if you are interested in submitting anything for Arthur’s consideration, please do. We’d love to have you.

Issue 8 Poll

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hurrrrrr we’re clever

Kant is all forehead.

Balzac is all ‘stache.

Issue 8: Almost done!

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We’re working very hard.

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