Indie Bookshop Debate

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because we are a zine, we are interested in D.I.Y. and other indie endevours.  One of our favorite indie things is bookshops.  (For all our Lansing readers, we have a deep love for Curious Bookshop on Grand River.)  We have been following the recently stories about indie bookstores around the country being shut down.  We are sorry to see it happen. 

Recently, a Seattle bookshop was offered a booksigning with an author connected to Amazon’s new publishing arm.  Their conversation revealed some interesting things. 

Among other things, the author says that Amazon has been giving away emails to independent bookstores.  Since we are students, some of us have had to buy books off Amazon for school, and we are not necessarily on board with our emails being given away.  Even if this particular opportunity was a good cause, at what point will Amazon be sending out emails to a bad one?

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