Metal Encyclopedia!

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We love a good wiki.  Chris in particular loves wikis, which is why he is married to Wikipedia.  Right now, however, the wiki we are crushing on is the Encyclopaedia Metallum, which is all about metal music.  Be still our black, out-of-body hearts!  It is like we were meant to be.


Weezer’s “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

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Despite all our love for “Buddy Holly,” there is something so perfectly 90s angst about this song.


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We have just been loving photography lately.  There is something so impressive about a well-captured moment.  And even though we have a total fear of clowns, there is something nicely It about this old school picture.

Even though seeing this will give us nightmares for a week.

Aerosmith’s “Crazy”

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So much in this video is awkward.  First, there’s Steven Tyler, who manages to look more like a caricature of himself everytime anyone sees him.  And then there’s the use of his own daughter in the music video, pole dancing and making out with Alicia Silverstone.  Don’t get us wrong; we love it when girls make out with each other, we just don’t like when it’s done for the male gaze, which is both the patrons of the bar in the video and the mostly male audience of Aerosmith.  (Can you tell we took classes on feminism?  Good, because we are proud of it.)  Also, did this song get into a wormhole?  This belongs in the 70s, not 1994.

Other Nations’ Superheroes

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Okay!  So we totally went to see Captain America.  We are really into comics, alright?  And besides, it is not as if America is the only country with a national superhero.  Other countries have their own superheroes, like Argentina with their Defensor or the Philippines with their Red Feather.

“Oslo Novelist” by The Grand Archives

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We here at Arthur love a song about writing (“Paperback Writer” clearly being one of the best Beatles songs ever), so we wanted to share this with you.  Enjoy.

Unidentified Actresses

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Even though our first library love is Michigan State’s Central library (which houses a collection of our zines), we love libraries in general.  We love the Ohio State’s library recently posted this amazing collection of images of vaudeville actresses.  How great is the facial expression on this woman?  What is in this woman’s arm?  Or the beautiful earring this woman is wearing?

More than anything, we are thinking about Halloween costumes now.

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