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What is Arthur?The obvious answer is that we’re a zine circulated at Michigan State University, run by a handful of students from a wide array of majors (really, we’ve got everything from Studio Art to Zoology here!). But, you probably gathered that and you’d like to know what we’re about.

One word: Art

By art, we don’t just mean the kind of 19th century oil paintings of the Virgin Mary most mainstream Americans think of when they hear the word. We mean art as a loose umbrella term that covers visual art, literature, drama, dance, film,  television, comics, photography, music, and anything else we might have forgotten that involves creative human expression. The idea behind Arthur is that art is no longer a serious part of conventional society, and we’d like to reignite an active interest in art on our campus.

But, don’t worry. We’re not quite that serious. For every prose article that explores the lack of art education in public schools or the way archetypes shape storytelling, there’s a lot of humor. We’ve listed the Top Fifteen Literary Douche Bags, taken polls over who would win in a fight between Salvador Dali and a giraffe, and cataloged books that need more sex (*cough*cough* A Brief History of Time *cough*cough*). We’ve ragged on John Lennon and Derek Walcott, followed the life of a higgs boson, and made up a whole slew of rejected senior theses. For every time someone has said an article of ours made them think, ten others have called us, “The Onion for Art Nerds.”

So, what is Arthur?

To be honest, we’re not exactly sure. It’s expression, it’s creativity, it’s nostalgia for the past with hope for the future, but it’s also loads of silliness and a little apathy. It’s a magazine about art, in all shapes and sizes. And whatever you do find in it—whether its inspiration or just a cheap laugh—we hope you leave satisfied.

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