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Current Members (who need to write their bios!)

Bridget Flanagan

Brandy Holton

Shan Kothari

Bailey Reidinger doesn’t want to write about herself so we’re doing it for her.  She is pretty excellent.  She has rainbow suspenders and her door is a TARDIS.  She may have invented the trilabial trill, and shares a brain with up to three other people.

Jane Sasso hasn’t written a bio yet either.  Shame!  Well, she draws shit, check it out.

Alumni Members (now graduated from MSU!)

Marguerite Finnegan wears cowboy boots and drinks bourbon and is pretty proud of herself for it. In her free time she paints, reads, and draws cracked-out flowers. Her extra-curricular activities include: Arthur and a disdain for extracurricular activities. Her curricular activities include philosophy, art, humanities, and Spanish. She loves Hegel, Wilco, Nabokov, Jarmusch and she cannot get over Garcia Marquez. She’s hard to shut up and waves her hands around a lot. She talks funny. She went to Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor and is still trying to come to terms with the color purple.

Virginia Heinen is awkward and afraid of everything.  She’s also a zoology major, and therefore not entirely sure what she’s doing here.  When not doing science, she draws comics and creepy skull-headed monsters.  Her favorite comics artists are Nate Powell and Jason Lutes, and her favorite scientist is Richard Feynman.  She enjoys animal cognition research, neurobiology, crashing around in the woods, classical music, death metal, crowquill pens, and curry.  She dislikes brush pens, television, and philosophy.  She can’t dance.

Courtney Hilden is apparently the only member who does not get linguistic references except ones involving glottal stops.  She does not know what this “free time” of which you speak, is.  Her favorite band is Nirvana, and no, she does not care that everyone else her age likes certain other Seattle bands.  She is the former Poetry Editor of both The Red Cedar Review and The Offbeat.  She criticizes pop culture, usually using a feminist bent.  She has worked as an intern at South End Press and as a Staff Member at the Center for Poetry.  She is the Queen of Snyder-Phillips.  The boy who gave her that title will always have regrets when it comes to her. 

Jon James doesn’t like talking about himself. He just makes shit up. He was vomited up by Sleipner and his remains were plucked apart by Hugin and Mugin.  He makes comics too.

Matthew Nellist is a Secondary Education major who spends his free time working at the Pierre R. Nichols Shelter to rehabilitate Doom Robots built by mad scientists and integrate them back into society. With a success rate of 12%, he’s the best employee the shelter has seen since it opened in 1953. When not dodging “helpful bullets”, he writes articles for Arthur, lending a somewhat more serious tone to the zine as he muses on nuances of art expression.

Tracey Parker is a human with real human emotions. She is an artist who paints at night and sleeps during the day; the paintings are of animals, but that’s just a metaphor. When she isn’t in the studio, Tracey enjoys arguing about politics and playing mind games with anyone who is unable to stop her.  Her favorite kind of music is 90’s grunge-influenced rock performed by women, but she is not embarrassed to admit that she also loves the pop music on the radio. Like a bomb or a wild dog, she could snap at any moment.

Erin Wisti is an English major at Michigan State University. While she spent her first three years trying to deny it, she now embraces the fact she is a Yooper and wants to spend her remaining year in Michigan destigmatizing the term. She is a fan of Toni Morrison, Thomas Lynch, Tennessee Williams, and the letter, “T.” Fitting with this trend, her favorite literary character is Tevye the Dairyman. The short stories in which he is featured restored her faith in humanity during a dreary September not too long ago.


Other contributors:

Jonathan Beagley

Elena Dunckel

Chris Heffner

Korey Hurni

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