Issue 8 (The Mostly Sex Issue) is printed!

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We had some shenanigans getting a hold of our printing money this time, but now, at long last, Issue 8 is available for your reading pleasure!  The top 10 literary characters who really need to get some!  Balzac vs. Kant!  Poems about sex, or the problems with sex, and Doug Delind’s snake (not all at once).  All about pr0n!  The horror of The Gay!  The horror of the Internet!  The horror of anachronistic hipsters!  And, at long last, what books the Arthur staff thinks are better than sex.

Now available at Espresso Royale and Wanderer’s Teahouse, and coming to more locations soon.  Pick up your copy today!  It’s the perfect thing to distract you from studying for that last final.
Also of note:  Many of our founding members (Marguerite, Erin, Virginia,  Courtney, Jon James, and Matt) have already graduated, or are graduating in the next few days, and are moving on to the Real World and/or graduate school.  So Arthur will be undergoing a changing of the guard, and our newest members (Shan, Bridget, and Brandy) will be running the whole show now.  Good luck, guys!  It will be awesome!  And, as always, if you are interested in submitting anything for Arthur’s consideration, please do. We’d love to have you.


Issue 8: Almost done!

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We’re working very hard.

Issue 7 is Printed!

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Are you ready for… THE BEAR ISSUE? (also known as the Things in Wheelbarrows issue.)  We’ve got the top 10 literary bears, Arthur vs. Beowulf, Birdman kicking a bear in the face, and more bear puns than you can handle.  Also featuring the problems with MSU screenwriting courses, a comic about coelacanths, Douglas Adams (again), and the triumphant debut of Shan and Brandy!


Check Espresso Royale, Wanderer’s Teahouse, Morrill Hall, and other fine campus locations for copies!  GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT.  You can’t bear to miss this one!  (sorry.)

Gearing up for the Bear Issue! Bear Art. Rawr!

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Coming this March…Arthur Issue 7: The Bear Issue!

And by bear, we mean both–as Stephen Colbert would put it–the godless, killing machines that plague forests and the sort of bears this guy draws:

Arthur Issue 6 is printed!

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AWW YISS, it’s time for another issue!  This time around, we’ve got hipster racism, literary crushes, the triumphant poetic return of Jon James and Jon Beagley, why Scott Pilgrim isn’t as awesome as you think, and quite possibly the worst comic Virginia has ever drawn.  Now available at Espresso Royale, Wanderer’s Teahouse, and the RCAH hallways in Snyder-Phillips.  Also, if you stop by the comics signing on Wednesday, we’ll have copies of Issue 6 AND Issue 5!  Retro!  Seriously, go get a copy!  Exclamation point!

Now Available at Special Collections

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We just keep getting more and more official.  The first five issues of Arthur are now available at MSU’s Special Collections.  Here’s our record.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the back issues, this is a great way to do it.

If you haven’t visited Special Collections yet, we highly recommend it.  They have old books, rare books, issues of other zines, and the largest collection of comic books in the United States.  Basically, they are super awesome.

Issue 5 is printed! Also, you should really go to this art show.

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First and foremost: Arthur, Issue 5 is printed!  Censorship, classical music scandals, the Top 10 Literary Characters you Wouldn’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley, overrated directors, subversive book plots, and more!  You can pick up your copy at Espresso Royale, Wanderer’s Teahouse, and the RCAH office in Snyder-Phillips; we’ll also be leaving them wherever we feel like, so keep your eyes open.

Also, just a reminder that we’ll be handing out copes at the (SCENE) Metrospace Black and White Show tomorrow, so please stop by!   The gallery is at 110 Charles Street, next to Georgio’s pizza and across from the Habitrail parking thing.  The opening runs from 6-9 and is bound to be sweet.

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