Issue Archive

Digital Issues

We don’t have every issue digitized… yet.  But we’re working on it!  Also, our current “digitization process” consists of scanning photocopies, so these are going to look kind of janky.  It’s… um… it’s an aesthetic choice, ok?

Issue 1:  PDFJPEG

Issue 2: PDF – JPEG

Issue 3: PDF – JPEG

Issue 4: PDF – JPEG

Issue 5: PDF – JPEG

Issue 6: PDF – JPEG

Issue 7: PDF – JPEG

Issue 8: PDF – JPEG

Physical Copies

Arthur is printed in very limited runs (about 100 copies / issue), so if you’re looking for your very own copy of an early issue, you might have a hard time.  We tend to have copies of recent issues floating around for longer, so if you want one, just email us ( or ask a member directly.  There are also copies available to read at the MSU library’s Special Collections department.

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